1Complete the Contact Form

Once I have received the completed Contact Form I will send you a reply and I will ask you to provide all the information you already have.

2First Review

Based on the provided information I will assess the feasibility of a successful research.

If I find that the data is insufficient to allow me to help you, I will let you know so and the project will stop right there at no cost to you.

3Research Order

If there is sufficient data for a research to be successful, I will submit my engagement letter for signature. The order specifies the scope of the research job, its timeframe, its maximum cost and the payment modalities.

Since it is very difficult to evaluate the effort for genealogical research in advance I recommend to split the research into smaller packages. Based on the result of a package you can decide if or how you want to proceed with the research.

IMPORTANT: You are in the driver’s seat as far as cost and time are concerned! No surprises! Once the cost or time ceilings have been reached I will let you know and you will decide if you want to set a higher ceiling.

4Data Analysis

You should provide all documents likely to contribute to a successful research (copies of all materials you have acquired: extracts of any census, church, vital, or other records; photos; news clippings… etc.). As well, any stories handed down across generations (e.g. the languages spoken by your ancestors or rumors about your family history).

5Research Work

In the course of my research, I gather information from sources as diverse as church, state and military archive records, newspaper articles and other. The research work includes the transcription, translation and citation of selected documents.

Progress reports are provided on a regular basis and they include details about both negative and positive outcomes.

On completion, you get a written final report, decribing the procedure followed, and the type of records analyzed, and providing a digest of their contents. You also get the digital copies (scans, photos) of all documents I used, as well as their transcription and translation. If you wish, you can also get the meta data in GEDCOM format and a comprehensive family tree at extra cost.

The duration of a research project depends on the availability of required sources and on respond times of authorities, offices and archves. At present a research project can be performed within approx. 12-14 weeks.


I charge EUR 96.00 per hour (including 20% Value Added Tax and the fee for money transfer). This fee includes research, transcription, translation and data entry. You also get a written final report and digital copies of all documents used. A EUR 480.00 retainer (including 20% VAT and the fee for money transfer) is required. This retainer is not refundable but will include 5 hours of research work.

Costs not included are those of archives, microfilms, scans, photocopies, traveling and postage.

Important Note

My fee will never exceed the agreed limit!

Thorough researches can be very time consuming. It may prove necessary to conduct a personal search of archives located in different towns. In that case I will inform you immediately and the decision to proceed will be up to you.

If, at any point down the road, it appears to me that further research would be pointless, I will let you know immediately. The fee will be reduced accordingly to reflect the number of hours actually invested into the research project.

I will make every effort to reach your stated goals within your elected parameters but please understand that success is not guaranteed!