Genealogical Research Services

Genealogical research services relies on various sources: church records (baptism, marriage, death), vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce), census records, military and conscription records, court records, tombstones, cemetery records, obituaries.

In some cases archives (mostly church registers) can be searched online. Sometimes it can be necessary to conduct an in situ search of archives located in different towns. I cooperate with genealogists from various regions to keep the costs down.

Genealogical research can be very time consuming!

Genealogist Johann Hammer

Transcription and Translation Services

Transcription & Translation Services

Austria-Hungary was a multi-ethnic empire where 13 officially recognized languages were spoken. Accordingly, geographical names are sometimes spelled differently. This also applies to given names. To overcome language and spelling challenges, I cooperate with genealogists across the various regions.

The majority of records is in old German handwriting (German script, Kurrent, Sütterlin). The older ones are in Latin.

It is first necessary to transcribe these records to make them readable by the lay person. Then, records can be interpreted and translated into plain English.

Heir Search Services

I am able to offer heir search services in the region of present-day Austria on an hourly basis.

During the last years I have assisted estate attorneys and several American probate research companies to locate missing heirs in Austria.

I have successfully performed searches for missing heirs, searches for unknown heirs, and searches for missing beneficiaries.

Heir Search Services