Genealogy Tour

Visit the area where your ancestors used to live

Does your next business or holiday trip lead you to Austria?
Seize the opportunity for a one-day exploration of the roots of your family tree.

After a preliminary research, I will design your personal genealogy tour:

  • visit of the area where your ancestors used to live.
  • visit of the house or street where your ancestors were born.
  • visit of your ancestor’s graveyard.
  • visit of a parish and browsing through church registers.
  • visit of an archives library and reading of records related to your ancestors.
  • and who knows, a reunion with your living relatives awaits you, perhaps, at the end of your journey!

Almost anything is possible!

I offer you a tailor-made family history tour featuring:

  • a personal tour guide.
  • arranged visits of parishes and archives libraries.
  • car rides to specific sites.
  • on-site support (translation, etc.).
  • photographic documentation of your tour.
  • the organization of meetings with desired persons.

Do you want to know more about your individual genealogy tour?

Send me a message on my  ‘Contact’ page.